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Latest Openings

At DSO, we are committed to your growth. This means providing you with the breadth of exposure you will need for a challenging and fulfilling career with us.

Make an impact on our future success and yours - join us as part of the DSO family.

Here are our latest openings:


Computer Security Researcher [1]
Cyber Security Software Engineer [1]
Cyber Security Systems Software Engineer [1]
Hardware and Firmware Security Engineer [1]
Information Security Engineer [1]
Operations Analyst [1]
Software Engineer [2]
Systems Administrator [1]
Assistant Executive (Staffing) [1]
Executive (Learning & Development) [1]
IT Analyst [1]
Manager (Contracts) [1]
Manager (Staffing) [1]
Senior Executive (Organisation Excellence) [1]
Senior Manager (Learning & Development) [1]
Senior/Executive (Staff Engagement) [1]
Technical Associate
Software Assistant Engineer [1]