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Situation Awareness

Dynamic Airspace Management

The ability to manage Singapore's airspace efficiently and safely to meet increasing flight demands is critical due to our limited airspace.

This innovative airspace management mechanism, developed in partnership with the US Air Force Research Laboratory, provides options for a more flexible utilisation and dynamic management of airspace.

This method deviates from the conventional method of strictly segregating airspace into lanes and rigidly enforcing the use of boundaries between these lanes.

Advanced Battlefield Visualisation Techniques for Improving Ground Situation Awareness

With the increasing use of complex sensor networks in the battlefield, large volumes of data will have to be processed by military commanders, which can be affected by the constraints of the human working memory.

DSO has developed a prototype suite of advanced cognitive visualisation techniques to enhance a military commander's ability to perceive, understand and make time-critical battlefield decisions.

These visualisations use theories of human perception within their design to creatively improve a commander's ground situation assessment.

Computer Assisted Security Risk Assessment of Maritime Vessels

To support effective maritime surveillance, DSO and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), jointly researched the automatic detection and prediction of anomalous behaviour in ship vessels, to assist human operators in detecting suspicious vessel behaviour in a more automated fashion.

Experts are able to identify potential threats more reliably through the aid of statistical models of maritime behaviour automatically generated by the computer from archived data.

Data Farming Methodology - Military Intelligence in the New Age

Data Farming is a methodology which applies high performance computing to simulations that depict different battlefield scenarios in air, land and sea. Results of possible scenarios are stored in a databank, which can help commanders make informed decisions.

To build up our data farming capabilities, DSO has been partnering the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) since 2002.

Data Farming can also be applied to other areas such as homeland security operations.