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Combat Performance
& Protection

New Model in Understanding Heat Injury

Heat stroke has been recognised as a clinical condition for centuries, but the pathway that triggers heat stroke is not well understood, and people continue to die from it each year.

DSO has proposed a new model to explain heat stroke, known as the "dual pathway model of heat stroke, which advocates that heat stress alone does not trigger heat stroke.

Such a model of heat stroke can explain reports of athletes having core temperatures of up to 42°C, with no signs of heat stroke.

This is unlike the current belief that it is triggered by heat, which is unable to explain the poor association between body temperature and the occurrence of heat stroke.

Passive Load Carriage Exoskeleton

Weight increase in the soldier's field load is inevitable with the advancement of combat technology, which increases the soldier's physical fatigue and injury and reduces combat effectiveness.

Such a limitation could potentially be conquered with the use of exoskeleton systems that are compliant to the individual's lower limbs and capable of transferring a majority of the carried load to the ground.

The system can sustain its own weight and successfully transfer part of the backpack load to the ground when the person is standing or walking.