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Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP)

If you have a strong passion for science and technology and thrive on creativity and innovation, the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) is specially designed for you!

Initiated by DSO and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) in 1991, YDSP has been grooming students into young budding scientists through a wealth of exciting activities. Be ready for first-hand exposure in cutting edge research and discover great ideas as you interact with our top scientists and engineers!

YDSP promises to stretch your mind to the fullest potential. Embark on a fascinating journey as an aspiring scientist by clicking on the list of YDSP programmes below to find out more!

1. Research@YDSP
2. YDSP Science and Technology Camp
3. YDSP Academic Awards
4. YDSP World of Science
5. YDSP Lecture Series
6. YDSP Congress

Open to all Integrated Programme (IP) Year 4 - 5 students, Research@YDSP is a 3-month research programme that will stimulate and spur your interest in science and technology. Under the mentorship of DSO’s scientists and engineers, you will gain insightful research experience, as you work on interesting defence related projects in a real laboratory environment.

Your project might be one of the outstanding ones selected for presentation at the YDSP Congress!

YDSP Science and Technology Camp
Through a series of theme-based workshops, excursions and mini-competitions, this educational holiday camp opens your mind to various intriguing topics in defence science. This programme is open to all IP 2 and 3 students.

Have fun in hands-on activities such as the making of aero-models, programming of robots and many more!

YDSP Academic Awards
If you’re in IP Year 3 - 6 and have achieved exceptional results in Physics and Mathematics, you'll be rewarded with a book voucher and a certificate, in recognition of your hard work and talent through your school!

YDSP World of Science
All IP Year 4 and 5 students are invited to take up the challenge to immerse in advanced topics in the field of physical sciences and infocomm technologies that are critical to Singapore’s defence needs.

You can look forward to a series of informative lectures and laboratory sessions and be inspired!

YDSP Lecture Series
This is a special opportunity for all students to gain insight into the diverse areas of science and technology, through a series of engaging lectures and sharing sessions.

Be captivated by experts from the Defence Technology Community, as they share their scientific knowledge and interesting work experiences in projects vital to our nation’s defence needs.

YDSP Congress
The YDSP Congress marks the culmination of all YDSP activities for an entire year as it celebrates the diversity of ideas generated and research projects completed. Above all, it is a wonderful get-together session for all participants to share their experiences and memorable moments. 

The YDSP Video

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