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  Commemorative Publications


"Aviation Engineering"
Defence Technology Community's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This book captures and shares with the readers the experiences that led to the build-up of indigenous capabilities in aviation engineering, to provide one of the pinions that enables the Republic of Singapore Air Force to become a leading air force, and ST Aerospace a leading aviation maintenance and engineering company with a global footprint.

here to download the full magazine (PDF, 6.5 MB).



"Engineering Systems-of-Systems"
Defence Technology Community's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This book shares how our defence scientists and engineers have applied systems thinking and engineering approaches to develop and integrate systems to safeguard Singapore’s security. These systems-of-systems provided the SAF with force multiplication, create strategic depth and enhance the SAF’s sustainability and operations effectiveness to deal with the increasingly complex defence environment.

here to download the full magazine (PDF, 5.4 MB).



"Engineering Land Systems"
Defence Technology Community's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This book provides the backdrop to the genesis of the Defence Technology Community to support the build-up of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for the defence of the newly independent nation. It goes on to cover the development of indigenous capabilities to design, develop and deliver armament, artillery, armoured fighting vehicles, and command, control, communications and computers systems, and operational infrastructure facilities to provide the SAF with the technological edge.

here to download the full magazine (PDF, 3.74 MB).



"Engineering Our Navy"
Defence Technology Community's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book

This book narrates the development of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) from an engineering perspective. It endeavours to show the trials and challenges faced by our pioneer defence scientists and engineers, and how the application of engineering and systems approaches has provided the means to build a navy from the wooden boats of the Singapore Naval Volunteer Force in 1966 to the sleek, mighty ships of the RSN with the best in hardware and software today.

here to download the full magazine (PDF, 2.31 MB).

"Creating the Technology Edge"
DSO's 30th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Co-authored by Dr Melanie Chew, a writer and military historian, and Professor Bernard Tan Tiong Gie, Professor of Physics and Dean of Students at the National University of Singapore, this commemorative book traces the evolution of DSO from a three-man laboratory setup to Singapore's foremost R&D organisation.

This book is a tribute to DSO's founder, Dr Goh Keng Swee, Singapore's first Minister for Defence, and all those who have made a positive impact over the last 30 years to our history.

A rich diversity of perspectives on defence science and technology were also drawn from interviews with DSO's pioneers, including His Excellency, the President of Singapore, S R Nathan, Mr Philip Yeo, Madam Ho Ching, as well as DSO's partners and collaborators, including LG (Retd) Winston Choo and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Mr Teo Chee Hean.

Click on the different chapters to view the PDF files:

Foreword (32 KB)
Tribute to Dr Goh Keng  Swee (1 MB)
Present at the Creation (712 KB)
Building Confidence (638 KB)
Bridging the Gap (698 KB)
Taking Flight (8.8 MB)
Back to the Future (179 KB)
Gallery and Authors (28 MB)

"Unveiling the Face of Progress"
DSO's Chemical Defence Programme 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine

This commemorative magazine documents the establishment and development of DSO's Chemical Defence Programme over the two decades since 1989. It tells of the tribulations faced by DSO scientists in sharpening our chemical defence capabilities to give it the critical edge. It is also a testament to the passion and perseverance of our people, and a celebration of their triumph. 

Click here to download the full magazine (PDF; 11.3 MB), or click on the links below to view the individual chapters:

Introduction (732 KB)
• The Pioneers (923 KB)
• Growing Capabilities (1.6 MB)
• Expanding the Programme (718 KB)
• Surging Ahead (1.7 MB)
• Global Collaborations (1.1 MB)
• Charting the Future (1.2 MB)
• Our People (3.9 MB)