The Digital Division leads the digital transformation of DSO. We deliver end-to-end digital infrastructure for enterprise services and central R&D digital capabilities while safeguarding DSO’s central IT networks, systems, and data.


Our vision is a “Digital-to-the-Core” DSO that comprises:

Digital enablers, such as central AI and data platforms, and digital tech stacks.

Integrated and secure workplace, with one-stop digital service delivery.

A digitally-confident workforce that maximises the data and digital technology.

▶ Enterprise Digital Services

We manage DSO’s enterprise IT networks and systems to deliver connectivity and enterprise services across various business functions such as HR and corporate services. We deliver responsive IT services, streamline corporate workflows through automation and process re-engineering, and unlock the value of our data.

▶ Digital Tech Stacks

We build the central Digital Tech Stacks to support classified R&D work. Digital Tech Stacks include large GPU clusters for AI training, on-premise cloud for computing, and secure cross-network solutions for access and data transfers. Our Tech Stacks contain innovative solutions to enable collaboration while maintaining high levels of security due to our classified work.

▶ Cybersecurity and Data Protection

We defend and protect DSO’s enterprise networks and data from potential compromise. Proactively, we vigilantly monitor our assets and data for cyber threats, which includes conducting vulnerability scans and consistently analysing data for unusual patterns and anomalies. Reactively, we will swiftly respond and mitigate cyber and data incidents, should they occur.