The Information Division focuses on capabilities and technologies that enable MINDEF/SAF to harness and exploit information in the physical battlefield and cyberspace. Capability areas include cybersecurity, cryptography, data analytics and fusion, artificial intelligence, vulnerabilities assessments and operations analysis.


Binary Analysis for Cybersecurity

One of our core capabilities is program analysis at the binary level.  We develop automated tools to enhance our capability in binary analysis.  We use these tools to deepen our knowledge in software and systems and gain in-depth understanding of the security issues. 

We also use this capability to carry out comprehensive technical analysis of sophisticated malware in digital forensics, and perform security assessment and penetration testing of mission-critical systems in MINDEF/SAF.

▶ Video Analytics for Surveillance

Our security troopers in the Army use binoculars for far-field surveillance. But this is highly susceptible to environmental conditions including rain, night and even haze. To overcome these constraints, DSO has designed and built an unmanned watch tower that incorporates video analytics for automatic detection of targets. The cameras and software automatically adjust their settings based on outdoor conditions to detect targets such as small vessels and swimmers that may threaten the security of our key installations. At the heart of this is a sophisticated video analytics system, powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that we have researched over the years, which we have also applied to other areas.

▶ Data Analytics for Maritime Security

Given Singapore's geography, cluttered waterways and lack of strategic depth in the maritime domain, potential threats must be detected and dealt with early. The answer is a maritime security system jointly developed by DSO and DSTA. The system ingests a wide-ranging, multi-modal data from more than 20 agencies such as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for ships' movements, and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for crew arrival and departure. DSO developed the real-time analytics "brain" to further identify trends and pattern from these big data, flagging out potential threats and quickly bring them to the attention of the operator for their immediate investigation and response.

▶ DSO Crypto Chip

A strong cryptography system secures sensitive information from being accessed by adversaries. Our mathematicians and engineers design and implement cryptographic systems to protect our nation’s secrets. The DSO Crypto Chip is one such development that meets the challenging demand for high throughput, low-power and yet is highly robust and secure for the SAF.

▶ Uncovering Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

Our capability in critical infrastructure assessment dates back to our first study on rail transport in 2000. Since then, we have advanced to complex interdependencies studies: modelling national critical infrastructures and the consequences of their disruptions on our national security, economy and public safety. These models facilitate operations analysis, dynamic network and geospatial visualisation to help our security planners make informed decisions during contingencies and crisis.


Beyond civilian infrastructure, our operations research analysts also specialize in building up a deep understanding of military system operations and technologies. These are captured in military operations analysis models. The models are used to assess SAF mission effectiveness, develop new warfighting concepts, or advise the force structure development.